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What Colour?
What Colour?

Custom Cat Harness

A great way to control your feline, these custom cat harnesses hold your pet securely, without choking or causing discomfort. Available both in regular sizes (XS,S,M,L, XL) They are also available in custom colours and sizes. Prices will vary depending on those jobs of course. Please Contact Us for custom jobs!

X-Small - $14.00 (Kitten from 3 months – 6 months)
Small - $16.00 (Small Cat or Large Kitten or slender cat – (Abyssinian, Balinese, Singapura, Somali)
Medium  - $18.00 (Regular size adult cat, Sphynx American Longhair, American Shorthair, Munchkin etc. )
Large - $20.00 (Ragdoll, female Maine Coon, Male Birman)
X-Large – $22.00 (Large Male Maine Coon, Male Norwegian Forest Cat)
Large/X-Large Size - $22.00 (Fits the Large cat that needs that in-between size Larger Ragdoll)

The sizes (if you measure under the front legs around the chest)


Retractable Leash for Cat Harnesses

Walking leash that retrats in and out.

Made in Germany

$16.00 Each