SM Show Supplies
The Company

S & M Show Supplies for Pets is owned by Michelle (Miki) Zahner and Wendy Huppe.
Our philosophy is to sell and make creatively designed toys with elements of movement and sound using durable pet safe materials- capable of withstanding the roughest cat and dog play.

Our toys contain:
Natural Feathers
Natural Furs
Coloring that is Food grade
Naturally Dyed Feathers or Fur are not Colourfast
All toys are custom made in Canada or United States
Safe Products are a priority!

CAUTION: Mylar is not digestible. Consumption can cause severe gastric distress in small animals.
It is recommended that any products with Mylar should not be left with the pet unsupervised.

TEASERS are for interactive play. Please hide them in a drawer your pet can't open when you are not playing with them. Or your pets will hide them from you.

CAUTION: It is recommended that pets be supervised when playing with all Teasers & Toys.
Inspect all toys and teasers periodically, & discard any loose material to prevent accidental swallowing.

For More Information, Contact:

Michelle (Miki) Zahner
(403) 295-1637
120 MacEwan Park Rise N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T3K 4A1
Fax: (403) 295-9378


Wendy Huppe

Cell:  403-371-5738