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Unique Toy Ends $4.50 each (unless otherwise marked)

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Travel Teaser

Great for Judges and show people that travel and need a fun teaser that you can change all the ends.

Size 6” and the metal line can be pushed inside the rod and pulled out with playing with the cat.

Price: $14.00 with one unique end of your choice from below.

Which End Would You Like?


Retractable Telescoping Rod

A wonderful new Rod toy for kitty. Size is only 9” when closed. Telescoping to a full 32” and an extra 26” retractable string to add the long fast action.

Uses any of the replacement ends below.


Deluxe Stainless Steel Telecoping Teaser Rod

A wonderful new Delux Stainless Steel Telescoping Rod toy for kitty.

Size is only 7” when closed.  Telescoping to a full ” and an extra 24”.

Uses any of the replacement ends below.


iridescent winged bug $8.50

iridescent winged bug $8.50

iridescent winged bug $8.50

pink flying mouse


blue turkey $6.50

sparkly pink fish $8.00

peacock wings $8.00

da purr-peller $10.00

da wild thing replacement end $6.50
da bird color two feather end $6.50
da bird regular end $6.50
da bird pheasant feathers $6.50
Yellow Spider End $5.00
White Moth End
leather bouncer end $6.50
two tone feather end $10.00
long feather tail $6.50
feather ball end $6.50
mini spiders $4.50
mini sparkle bug $4.50
mini brown moths $4.50
mini fish ends $4.50
mini bug ends $4.50
moth $4.50
cedar waxwing $8.50
baltimore oriole $8.50
golden finch $8.50
raccoon mice
the ferret
the fish
the mouse
the frog
the bee
punk blue fish $6.50
butterflies $6.50
a big bird
arrow fish
bait fish
diving blue fish
diving fish
fuscia fish
silverman mouse
water dog
wiggling lemming
yarn ball
flying mice $5.50
shrimp $5.00
dragon flies $5.00