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ClearQuest Tear Stain Remover


Easy-to-appy gel formula safely and effectively removes unsightly tear stains. Safe for dogs, cats and ferrets.

$12.00 each


Dog and Cat Natural Show Coat Powder (Organic Ingredients made in Canada)


This is a must for the exhibitor. Ever found yourself part way through a show and feel that you pet looks a little greasy behind the ears or has messed up its front bib, this powder will renew your pets fur to that “Just Bathed” look. Just sprinkle it generously onto the fur, massage it in well, then comb or brush it out. Great for last minute accidents. Also contains natural organic Chamomile & Lavender to calm down the pet.

Sample 12gm $5.00
30 gm $15.00
100 gm $20.00


Dog and Cat Stud Tail & Oily Coat Powder (Natural Clay from France)


For the animal with really greasy fur or stud tail. Just sprinkle it generously into the fur and worked in with your hands. Now take a comb and comb the fur to take out excess clay. The oil and any blackheads will get picked up with the clay and come out of the fur. The fur will start to have that “Just Bathed” look. Repeat if necessary. Use the Deep Cleaning Shampoo after removing excess oil and grease

12gm $5.00 Sample Size
30 gm $15.00
100gm $25.00

No Antibiotics
No Antibiotics
With Antibiotics

Eye and Wound Powder

Based on the Famous Ayerst formula.
Only Shipped in North America – No Overseas.

The famous eye and wound powder that Persian and Exotics breeders use is specialically formulated for S & M by a Canadian Pharmacy.We have two versions of the powder, one which is the Ayerst formula and one without the antibiotic. Most breeders when showing their cat use the powder without the antibiotic.  But if you have a cat with really runny and stained eyes I would suggest the version with Antibiotic. Can be used on kittens as young as three weeks old. 

No Antibiotic
10gm $25.00 each
20gm $40.00 each
45gm $65.00 each

With Antibiotic

10gm $35.00 each
20gm $50.00 each
45gm $80.00 each

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